Welcome to the home of recording artists, 60's icon John Leyton and the talented guitarist and teacher Peter Williams.
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John Leyton & Peter Williams
John Leyton
"John Leyton Live"
In concert with The Flames at the Amersham Rock n'Roll Club
Catalogue # LRR JL004
Look for a star John Leyton
"Complete Western
All-Stars Sessions.
Catalogue # LRR JL003
John Leyton
"John Leyton and the Flames"
Catalogue # LRR CD 002
The Flames
"The Versatile Flames"
Catalogue # CD LRR FLAMES 002
LRR002 Peter Williams
"Johnny Remember me"
Catalogue # LRR002
LRR007 Peter Williams
Catalogue # LRR007
Peter Williams
"Remembering Del Shannon"
Catalogue # CD LRR 018
Only the lonelyPeter Williams
"Only the Lonely"
Catalogue # CD LRR 017
Poetry in MotionPeter Williams
"Poetry in Motion"
Catalogue # CD LRR 016
Remembering Elvis PresleyPeter Williams
"Remembering Elvis Presley"
Catalogue # CD LRR 015
Walkin' back to HappinessPeter Williams
"Walkin' back to happiness"
Catalogue # CD LRR 013
Twangs for the Melody Various Artists
"Twangs for the Melody"
Catalogue # CD LRR TWANG 001
Play country Peter Williams
"Plays Country "
Catalogue # LRR 012
LRR0107 Peter Williams
"Lone Rider "
Catalogue # LRR010
LRR011 Peter Williams
"From the Heart "
Catalogue # LRR 011
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